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BRCHT was created to savor our stories and interpret them for residents and visitors in artful ways. We see the beauty of our landscape today as well as the heritage landscape that has been made in layers; layers of time and stories. All are important to remember and savor so that we can know this place and join with others who care for so that together we can steward it into the future.


[Image: Hamilton's Red Bridge, No longer in place, it spanned the river near Adirondac Street.]

Our History 


The BRCHT was formed in 2008 when a group of citizens recognized the need to advocate for our cultural hertiage and the arts. 


By choice the organization is small and mighty, relying on the energy of volunteers and partners.

Our Board & Advisors


We are small, but mighty. Our administrative work is contributed by board members and advisors. Our board is small to run the busienss of the organization. We have a bouty of advisors (formal and informal) who help us move our work forward. We raise funds--generally through grants, creative partnershipping, and gifts from supporters--for our projects. We rely on talented and experienced professionals to develop projects that consider the long run and help inform and educate. We try not to take on projects that will have ongoing administrative burdens so that paid staff, an office and a complex administrative structure has not been necessary. Yet.


As a small and mighty organization, we are fond of working with emerging opportunity and our good colleaguesinthe neighborhood.. 


See a list of our board and advisors.

Our Community


We are interetsed in projects throughout the communities of the Bitterroot, sometimes even a bit beyond if there are benefits for the Bitterroot

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